What is this all about?

If you have applied for Canadian visa in any categories, for example visitor, spouse, student and work visa or you have applied for immigration to Canada; then visanotes is the best option for you to avail as we provide information on current status of your case so that you can correct your application and in case your application has been refused for visa then visanotes will also provide you with the official document which details the exact comments of the officer who has refused your visa.

How can you correct an application?

Visa officer assess your application in a format and give points according to it but sometimes they make mistakes in assessing your application or the mistake is on your end; when you fail to provide them necessary document which might be of great value to your application. visanotes will provide you another chance to correct your application when it's in process.

How long will it take to obtain my visanotes?

Normally visanotes can be obtained within 3-4 weeks, but the process truly depends upon the Immigration Canada Office in Ottawa.

The process goes as follows:

Day 1 You request the application of visanotes

Day 2 Our operations team based in Canada completes the paperwork and sends your application to one of our senior team members who ensures that everything is in order.

Day 3 Submit your request to the relevant section within Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Day 4 The Citizenship and Immigration Canada office will then receive your request and begin the procedures

Day 25 to 30 The Citizenship and Immigration Canada office will complete all the proceedings and forward your file to us

Day 30 to 32: - We will receive your visanotes and forward it to you in case you haven't requested any additional services like interpretation or translation. You can add 3-4 days in case of additional services requested

The whole process will take 30 to 37 days approximately 4 + weeks depending on the nature of your request

Can I still use visanotes if I have applied immigration through a lawyer or a consultant?

Yes, visanotes is an independent firm and doesn't collide with the procedures of independent lawyers or consultants.You can use visanotes to obtain notes about your case so that if your file is missing some important document you can provide it on time and save your file from getting refused.

Why your visa got refused?

Visa files are assessed by humans and "humans makes mistakes and so do you!!" your case file is assessed by humans so errors are prone to happen.

For example: - Your work experience is counted in a wrong way resulting loss of points in your case.

But sometime the fault is on your part when you fail to provide certain document which is of great value to your case.

For example: - You failed to provide your 6 month of international experience certificate which is of great value to your case.

For example: - Suppose visa officer sends you a request to submit your one missing document within a deadline but your agent in between misplaced it or forgot to inform you before deadline which may result in loosing points on your case.

Is it possible to re-apply after refusal?

Yes, it is possible to apply again after refusal and moreover it is good to take notes from your previous refusal and make sure you do not make mistakes in your next case as visa officers have your history

The process is too long, can it be faster?

There is no way that the process can be even faster than it is already available. Government procedures requires time and patience.

And moreover there is a law that requires the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to provide information within a specific time period. Therefore CIC can never make the process faster than that.

My personal information is protected or not?

visanotes is a professional institute and here we respect your privacy. To begin with we only ask you to provideyour most necessary information, for us to receive your file.

When we receive your file we cross check it and make sure that it is only forwarded to the person who requested it.

Please make sure that when you fill the request form you fill in with your personal email address.

Can I obtain visanotes on my own?

No, only a qualified person can request that; i.e. citizen of Canada, permanent residency holder ora person in Canada with valid documents can make a request on your behalf.

I don't have a credit card, can I pay through my friend's credit card?

Yes, visanotes allow you an option where you can state that it's not your credit card but you may need to provide necessary details so that we can make sure that it's your friend who's paying for you otherwise it will a fraud of payment and will hamper both the concern parties.

If I apply for visanotes, will it delay my process for immigration application?

No, applying for visanotes will not delay your immigration process but will help your case if there is any unresolved issue.

What information will be on visanotes?

visanotes contains detailed information of point's calculation, immigration officer's notes, program assistant notes, details of processing stages passed, etc. Therefore it is important for an applicant to know all of this information regarding his/her case.

Does it make any difference which visa office is processing my case?

No, you can apply visanotes for any visa office. visanotes are processed through Citizenship and Immigration Canada office which is in Ontario, Canada. This office is federal not local.

I am an immigration consultant, do I get a discount?

Please contact us at agents@visanotes.ca to discuss your options with our Business Development Director

Does visanotes help an applicant to obtain other type of files?

Yes, visanotes also help you to obtain full medical files and hard copy of your entire file, but this process takes longer therefore we recommend it in case where availing that document is necessary to resolve an issue.

If I don't have a file number, can I still get my file?

If you do not have a file number, visa notes can be obtained with your full name, date of birth and your passport number as we have done it for hundreds of our previous clients. Having said that it is not guaranteed as the rules of Canadian Govt don't mandate them to send the information but they do their best to accommodate everyone. Please attach copy of passport along with forms and tracking slip if you have and we will take it from there.