Jayesh Nareshbhai Donga - Student Visa

Finally I have received my visa, thanks a lot to visanotes.ca for helping me at every step whenever I wanted in all the fields. It was a great experience to get guidance from such a prestigious organization. Staff of Visanotes is very calm and helping, who encouraged me and guided me in a right way.

I got refusal for the study permit application when I applied for first time. My case was very difficult as I applied after eight years of completion of my graduation. I completed my graduation in 2010 and working since then. Most of the agents I met denied applying second time but only visanotes.ca inspired me to re-apply. I did not know that just by filling up simple forms I can order for visa notes and know the detailed reasons for the visa refusal. Other than Visa notes, their team provided me with the detailed covering letter and representation from an ICCRC member. Visanotes Team is a specialist in refusal cases and they put sincere efforts on my case. I reapplied for my study permit after taking proper guidance from them and got the visa. I am really thankful to Visanotes Team. This was an unexpected result for me as I had no positive hopes.

I will suggest my friends to apply through visanotes only.


Sangeeta Mehta - Visitor Visa

I am thankful to Visanotes.ca for their assistance in getting my tourist visa to Canada approved after an initial rejection by Canadian high commission when I applied on my own. I have only conversed on phone call but yet they have guided me with the appropriate procedure of first getting the visanotes and then going ahead to file visa after all necessary documentation being checked and verified. It was done in a very professional and systematic way and I have got multiple entry visa. Now I can go to meet my son who is an international student. Team in India is truly praiseworthy. I have been in constant touch on phone and they have always answered me with great patience and guided me with all documentation. Not just once, over and again when asked they have been very patient and guided me perfectly. I am a little weak with technology but they truly were very good in getting the work done. I thank visanotes for the great work.


Harjeet Singh - Work visa

"I am really happy to say that I got my work permit in August 2014 which had been rejected twice earlier. It would have been difficult to achieve a valid status in Canada without visanotes.ca. The professionals working in this firm are honest and enthusiastic. The process was very smooth andquick. I would recommend everyone to use visanotes.ca to know the reasons for visa refusal and later work on the deficiencies. They made the process very easy for me".


Raj Kumar - Spousal Sponsorship Case

"My spousal visa to Canada was rejected. Thanks to visanotes.ca that I applied for my caips notes without any agents help just by paying a nominal fee. The process was extremely painless because of all the attention to detail by visanotes. They kept me informed and updated me during the whole process. I was able to get my caips within four weeks and came to know the reason for my rejection. I worked on it and I am so happy to receive my spousal visa. Iand my wife will always be thankful to the team for showing us the right direction".


Priya Khanna - Work permit rejection

"I had two work permit applications rejected and I had been staying in Canada only as a visitor. My employer was willing to support my application however I had no idea how to proceed with the application after all the previous rejections and I felt I was in a dead end situation.

The team at visanotes started to work on my application and things finally started to move. Thanks to their deep knowledge of the Immigration Law, they were able to discover that one of my work permit applications was unlawfully rejected due to an error by an immigration officer. Visanotes helped me to gather the complete documentation and write all the submission letters so I was able to prove that an error had been made. The officer working on my application asked me for an interview. I was happy to realize that I was not alone dealing with this officer.The team at Visanotes was able to prepare me for the interview. I was well prepared andready to answer all the queries.All of my documents were supported by proofs and sections from the Immigration Act. I have obtained a work permit for two years and my door to permanent residency is now open!"


Shubham Girn - Work Permit

"I was in Canada on astudy permit when I got into a difficult situation. I applied for my post graduate work permit and it got rejected. I was shattered and confused. I was all of a sudden both without a job and without a valid work permit. I thought my situation was hopeless until I sought help from visanotes.ca. They helped me file my caips notes. It was so simple as I just had to provide basic details and my file number for a nominal charge. I did not seek any help from any lawyers or agent as they would have charged me thousands of dollars. The processing was done within a month. I clearly understood the reason for my work permit refusal and re applied keeping all my last errors in mind. I am so grateful to visanotes team that I was shown a right direction".


Karim Student counsellor - India

"If you want to know the exact reasons for your visa refusal. You should not ask for help and advice from random people on discussion forums or Facebook pages. Ask a professional and don't worry - the money spent on professional immigration services is the best investment into your future. You will not regret. visanotes.ca will help you get the exact reasons for visa refusal directly from Citizenship&Immigration, Canada. The immigration officers will give you the exact reasons for your case refusal".


Alex Rogers - Study permit case

"I thank visanotes.ca for understanding me and my case so calmly and quickly with sheer patience.

I had met lots of visa agents for my study permit refusal case.But mostly they create illusions around visa process to show client how difficult it is. I did not know that just by filling up simple forms you can order for your caips notes from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and know the reasons for the visa refusal. I applied for my case files directly online through visanotes.ca and have reapplied for my study permit. Hopefully I will get my visa this time. But I am thankful to visanotes.ca".


Abhishek Khurana - Parents visa

"The Best thing about visanotes.ca is that you need not take help from any lawyers. They saved me lots of time saving and were cost effective. I wanted to know the exact reasons as to why my parent's visa to Canada was rejected. I was not very satisfied with the reasons provided by immigrant Lawyers. While surfing the net, I came across visanotes.ca. The team was very helpful and kind. They knew exactly what needs to be done and I just filed my case right away. It was a big relief that I am going through the right channel and hopefully will find a right direction to bring my parents to Canada".


Radhika Mehra - Study Permit

"I was very impressed with the idea of getting my caips notes filed for my brother who had his study permit visa refusal. My agent guided me through the visanotes.ca website and I felt they provided a dedicated, professional and friendly service".


Soham Banerjee - Work Permit Refusal

"After my work permit was refused, I was clueless as to what should be my next step. I didn't know if I was ever eligible to apply again as all my documents were correct to my knowledge. I heard about filing visanotes but was not sure how to do it. I checked their website to have an idea. To my surprise, I found it to be very easy and convenient. I was confident that I could do it myself. I went through the process and received my copy ofimmigration file from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which clearly stated the reasons for refusal. visanotes.ca team also guided and advised me as to what should be my next step towards filing my work permit".

Great job keep it up!!!!



"I wanted to order for my caips but the agent who was willing to do it was demanding a lot of money for doing that. As I was not willing to pay that much, I started looking other options. I came across visanotes.ca webpage. I was extremely happy to see that I can order my notes for a nominal rate.They certainly took away most of the stress out of the visa application process. I was particularly impressed with how quickly and efficiently caips were ordered. Even after I have my caips, visa notes team have been helpful on any immigration queries".


Sandeep Kaur

"The visanotes.ca team are very professional and prompt. And super easy to get a hold of, the whole team is very approachable and make you feel comfortable talking about any issues or/and concerns. They explain things very well and let you know things in advance. Highly recommended! It was because of them that I could refile my study permit to Canada and get it approved after trying thrice.my familyis happy and I am happiest to be here in my dream destination. Thank you so much visanotes.ca".